Cincinatti WTA Retirements

With the US Open around the corner, the Cincinatti Men and Women tournaments are always hampered by retirements.

Surprise Toronto winner Bencic retired in her match against Safarova just after the first set was completed. This means that match betting stands at all bookmakers who require first set to be completed. Whether or not a ball was played in the second set does not matter for bet settlement purpose.

The same day, saw Azarenka retire against Pavlyuchenkova. Azarenka won the first set comfortably but a left leg injury prevented her from continuing in the second set down 3-0.

“(I’m) obviously very disappointed. You know, I was coming into the tournament unfortunately not actually at the best with my leg. It was at the beginning more of a protection but it was a little bit there,” Azarenka said.

After the first set (6-1 Azarenka), punters who chose to back Pavlyuchenkova, at a bookmaker with match betting to stand after first set completion, will love how this match came to such a quick premature ending.

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